Exceptional Representation

What you can expect…

For my practice, I never charge for consults – and we can do it over the phone so you aren’t burdened with the trip to my office. However, if you want a meeting, I’m happy to schedule one.

An initial consultation serves three basic purposes: 1) for me to determine whether I can represent you as a client, 2) for you and I to determine whether we want to work together, and 3) for me to explain how the representation will proceed if you decide to retain my services. I will explain my fee and how you can hire me.

I don’t have an official time limit. But 10 to 15 minutes is typically enough time for me to get the facts I need and know what I can do (or not do) for you. There are exceptions to this and a free consult can sometimes go as long as 30 minutes if necessary. I work hard for my clients. It is my primary objective to win your case.

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